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      1. 甲酸鈣供應商
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        formic acid

        formic acid
        Detailed introduction:

        Alias: methanoic acid, methane acid

        English name: formic acid

        Molecular formula: CH2O2

        Formula weight: 46.03

        Quality Standard: GBT2093-2011


        Qualifier grade

        Superior grade

        Content of formic acid %



        Content of acetic acid%



        Chroma (platinum-cobalt),%



        Dilution test(acid+water=1+3)



        Chloride(based on CL)%



        Sulfate(based on SO4)%



        Iron(based on Fe)%




        Properties: At normal temperature, it’s colorless liquid with pungent smell. The density is 1.220.( 20/4℃), melting point is 8.6℃,boiling point is 100.8℃,flashing point is 68.9℃ in open cup, auto-ignition temperature is 601.1℃. It can be dissolved in water, alcohol, diethyl ether and glycerol. It’s caustic and reducible.


        1. Pharmaceutical industry: Caffeine, Analgin, Aminopyrine, Vitamin B1, etc.

        2. Pesticide industry: Triazolone, Disinfest, etc.

        3. Chemical industry: Methane amide, DMF, Age resister, etc.

        4. Leather industry: Tanning, etc.

        5. Textile industry: Natural Rubber.

        6. Rubber industry: Coagulation, etc.

        7. Steel industry: Acid cleaning of steel production, etc.

        8. Paper industry: Pulp manufacturing, etc.

        9. Food industry: Disinfectant, etc.

        10. Poultry industry: Silage, etc.

        Packing: Plastic barrel packing 25KG, 250KG,IBC barrel(1200KG),ISO TANK


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