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      1. 甲酸廠家
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        Zibo ruibao chemical co., LTD.

        Zibo ruibao chemical co. LTD

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        Sodium formate can be used in any industry


        Sodium formate is a kind of chemical raw material produced by comprehensive utilization of yellow phosphorus tail gas and caustic soda resources in this region. It is also a new way to develop a variety of fine chemical products by using C1 resources. It is an important measure to reduce the production cost of enterprises, improve the comprehensive economic benefits of enterprises and recycle resources. Sodium formate can be used in which industry? Let's have a look at sodium formate manufacturer zibo ruibao chemical co., ltd. to do a detailed introduction for you.

        [what industries can sodium formate be used in]

        Sodium formate manufacturers to introduce: sodium formate is an important organic chemical raw materials, sodium formate as the carrier of the deep processing of formic acid and oxalic acid has a wide range of USES. It can be used as the raw material for the production of oxalic acid, and formic acid is the basic raw material for medicine, pesticide and organic chemical industry, and oxalic acid is the main raw material for the production of sulfonamides and antibiotics. Oxalic acid is used as fine preparation in dyeing, textile, metallurgy, leather and oil chemical industry. Aluminum alloy coating; Aluminum products, nameplates, zippers, watches, etc. are used as coating agents, in the metallurgical industry, especially rare earth metal production as precipitant, sodium formate can also be used to manufacture insurance powder and other products.

        Sodium formate is one of the main raw materials for producing formic acid and oxalic acid. In leather processing, textile dyeing and electroplating industry, can be used as raw leather treatment agent, dyeing agent and accelerator. Sodium formate can also be used for artificial silk extinction. Pay attention to prevent moisture, prevent sun, prevent damage in transportation, in recent years a large number of oil drilling and export.

        Sodium formate can also be used to produce calcium formate, and calcium formate is very widely used, it can be used as a feed additive, can also be used as a preservative and lubricant, calcium formate as the main component can be produced plant growth regulator to help the growth of crops. Ammonium formate is an important raw material in pharmaceutical industry and a fine chemical product with high value-added.

        Zibo ruibao chemical industry co., LTD., specializing in the production of sodium formate and formic acid foreign trade production enterprises, the company's annual output (GB/ t2093-2011)85% of the 15,000 tons of industrial formic acid, 26,000 tons of calcium formate, 12,000 tons of sodium formate, 24,000 tons of sodium sulfate, 6,000 tons of sodium acetate, and calcium chloride and other by-products. Founded in the spring of 2001, the company has 18 years of experience in the production of calcium formate and formic acid. Now the company's products are widely used in building materials, feed, medicine, tanning, wig manufacturing, plywood, fine chemical industry and other industries, has established a good cooperative relationship with customers all over the country, and quickly entered the European and American international markets.




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