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      1. 甲酸廠家
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        Zibo ruibao chemical co., LTD.

        Zibo ruibao chemical co. LTD

        Domestic sales --

        Phone: 15949732760

        Tel: 86-533-2062115

        Fax: 86-533-2061629

        Foreign sales --

        Tel: 86-533-7986956


        Phone: 15216432668



        Fax: 86-533-6286937

        Website: www.zuchehrb.com/en



        Address: lijia village, sibaoshan, zibo development zone

        Industrial grade, feed grade calcium formate manufacturers


        Calcium formate, also known as calcium formate, is a white or beige crystalline powder. Slightly hygroscopicity, neutral non-toxic soluble in water, slightly bitter taste, not flammable and explosive. At present, calcium formate includes calcium formate of industrial grade and calcium formate of feed grade. As a new type of feed additive, feed grade calcium formate is suitable for all kinds of animal feed acidification and anti-mildew agent, which can prevent diarrhea, dysentery and help digestion and absorption.

        At present, most of the high quality calcium formate manufacturers are shandong manufacturer zibo ruibao chemical co., LTD. The company is specialized in the production of calcium formate and formic acid foreign trade production enterprises, the annual output of national standard industrial formic acid 15,000 tons, calcium formate 26,000 tons, sodium formate 12,000 tons, sodium sulfate 24,000 tons, sodium acetate 6000 tons, and calcium chloride and other by-products. Founded in the spring of 2001, the company has 18 years of experience in the production of calcium formate and formic acid. "Focus on common progress and prosperity, eternal integrity to promote win-win" is our belief and business policy. Zhou rongbao, President of the company, and all the staff welcome friends from home and abroad to visit and cooperate.



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        a1.pngAddress: lijia village, sibaoshan, zibo development zone
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        a3.png(Tel) :86-533-2062115
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