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      Contact Us

      Zibo ruibao chemical co., LTD.

      Zibo ruibao chemical co. LTD

      Domestic sales --

      Phone: 15949732760

      Tel: 86-533-2062115

      Fax: 86-533-2061629

      Foreign sales --

      Tel: 86-533-7986956


      Phone: 15216432668



      Fax: 86-533-6286937

      Website: www.zuchehrb.com/en



      Address: lijia village, sibaoshan, zibo development zone

      Talent strategy:

      Talent is the resource of ruibao. The company now has a team of young and professional employees. It is the joint efforts of this team with passion and courage to surpass that have made the company achieve rapid development in market development, new product research and development, production and manufacturing, quality management and other aspects since its establishment.

      Talent concept:

      Competent job is talent, innovation and development is talent.

      Unselfish dedication and active participation are the cornerstones of our culture.

      The efficient cooperation of talent groups and efforts to achieve each business goal are the pursuit of ruibao culture.

      To achieve the organic combination of the company's own development and the self-improvement of all staff is the realm of ruibao culture. We hope to have more people to join the ranks of ruibao business, more people pay attention to the development of ruibao!

      Cherish talents:

      Talent is a precious resource of ruibao. Ruibao tuanbaichuan, pool essence. Doctor, master and senior management personnel, or fighting in a line, production, sales, research and service with their diligent hands, play to their talents, constantly create a red treasure career average worker, management, marketing personnel, the common scientific research workers, are indispensable to the development also is treasure, the talented person.

      Social responsibility policy:

      Abide by laws and regulations, protect the interests of employees, build harmonious relationships, and be the most socially responsible enterprise.

      Welcome to the official website of Ruibao chemical
      Please contact us in the following way!
      a1.pngAddress: lijia village, sibaoshan, zibo development zone
      a2.png(PC) :250000
      a3.png(Tel) :86-533-2062115
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